March 2010

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The parish gets Google Street View!

Over the last few days, Google Maps has enabled Street View for all of the parish.

Or Click here and drag the yellow man onto the map

The Archive

Various documents of interest to the Parish

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Rhubarb- local action on food!

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Rhubarb, Issue 4 (PDF) 2.1MB


Some older editions of the Parish newsletter, and a copy of Rhubarb - action on food!
Oh - and the public presentation of the Parish Plan.

Find them in the Downloadable Documents section

Parish Newsletters

Downloadable Documents of interest to Parish residents.

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So where is Longden?

Lyth Hill
The Parish of Longden lies South-West of the town of Shrewsbury, straddling the Longden Road, from Hook-a-Gate to Longden Common. It is a largely rural parish, with little industry, though parts of the parish bear the well-hidden scars of mining, as recently as 1921.

The Parish Plan

The Parish Plan Steering Group

Member Contact
Mr J Roberts (Chair)
Cllr J Sedgebeer
Cllr Y Holyoak  
Community members
Mrs K Lovegrove-Fielden  
Barbara Cox  
Ian Somervaille  
Jackie and Nigel Ingham